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February 8th, 1862

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Camp Dennison, February, 8th 1862

Dear Molly,

I sit down this morning to write a few lines while the boys are cleaning the barracks and then I shall have to drill. A telegraph report came into camp last evening that Fort Henry & two rebel generals had fallen into our hands, which called forth shouts of rejoicing through the camp. Heavy cannonading was heard at Cincinnati last night and all are anxiously awaiting the arrival of morning papers. A Reg. of infantry left here yesterday for secessiondom. Another company of artillery came into camp last night.

I have not heard from Ernest since we left him at fathers, I wrote him a letter last Sunday and I think I ought to get an answer this evening. If you get any word from him I would like to know. Reuben Savage got a letter yesterday informing him that his family was sick, and that one of the children was not expected to live. He got a furlough for 7 days and went home. This is the worst part of the battle with me. If I could only know that my family was well and in good circumstances I should have no fears for myself.

I like camp life very well so far, our officers are kind, our fare is good, we have got excellent cooks, we have plenty of clothing and comfortable quarters to sleep and drill in, and yet there are some here who complain of officers, quarters, clothing, rations, and everything else. I think that this is only their natural disposition and is not worth minding.

There is a Sucsesh (Short for Secessionist) six pounder cannon here taken at Rich Mountain. I have not yet learned its history, but presume it has done its part in trying to pull down the best government ever got up.

I don’t know whether I caught a pass to go home yet or not, I can’t wait until after pay day at any rate. I should like very much see you all and spend a week with you if I could.

Some of the boys are getting a good deal discouraged, they fear the fighting will all be over before we get drilled and their only hope of getting into a mess is for England to pitch in.

The morning papers have just came in, giving the details the capture of Fort Henry in Tennessee, and the planting of the American flag on the rebel soil.

Mary I want you to write often, tell me all the news and particularly how you get along. Kiss Elmer for me. Yours in love, Charles

And a word to the boys,

Dear boys, I am well today and hope you are well, I want you to be good boys, mind mother, go to school and learn all you can. When you write let me know how Lize Bill, Eugene, the pigs and chickens get along. Have you heard from Earnest yet? Has Ina, Kedden got back yet? Tell Cynthia I shall write her soon. My respect to all the neighbors. Goodbye.

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