Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Call to Arms

Charles Milton Adams was home in Union County on the farm as America continued to tear itself to pieces, the carnage was far from waining. In 1863, we had the battles of Chancellorsville, and Vicksburg in the west, and the watershed Gettysburg in the east.

In April of 1864 Charles and Mary gave birth to Selina Eleanor Adams, their second and his fifth child, she bore his first wife's namesake.

1864 bought more heartache and destruction, Chickamauga, the Battle of the Wilderness and the bloodbath of Cold Harbor,with 7000 casualties in twenty minutes. In July, General Jubal Early advances within five miles of Washington D.C.

1864 Timeline

On August 30,1864 Charles Milton Adams enlisted in the 174th Ohio Infantry, one of the last volunteer units of the war.

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