Friday, December 10, 2010

October 23rd, 1862

Corinth, Oct,23rd 1862

Beloved Mollie,
I take my pen this evening to write you a few harty (?) lines. I don’t expect to have time to write a long letter, even if I had the time anything of importance to write. I received you kind letter of the 9th inst. And was glad to learn of your good health.
I will try to answer your questions as best I may, you ask me if my leg and wrist hurt me yet. In reply I will say that my leg does hurt me some and I am sorry to add that I am not able to do my duties of a soldier, as I could wish. In the late battle as Corinth, I was at my post and as it required but little running I could perform my duty with very little inconvenience, but strange as it my appear, the duties of an artillerist in time of an engagement are lighter than when in camp or on a march. I could stand better to fight a week than to march three days. I will say in justice to our officers, that they favor me as much as they well can, more particularly of late. My wrist has never got entirely well, but it does not interfere much with anything I have to do. I suppose I could get discharged from the service if I would take application, and if we don’t succeed in getting our battery organized, I may do so, but if we can get our old company together again and I can get a position where I can do duty. I don’t feel like leaving the service till the work I set out to do is accomplished.
The prospect I think is brightening. Mollie, you say it looks hard for me to be down here while others are at home enjoying themselves. Now I’ll tell you just how I feel about it, I would not change places with them for all they are worth, True it is that it is making a great sacrifice to be separated from home and the endearments of the family circle and in time of peace, I could not be induced to make the sacrifice, but when our laws are set at defiance, when treason and rebellion stalk abroad, the dissolution of our glorious (indiscernible?) is threatened, and the lives and liberties of ourselves and children jeopardized, could I look idely on, make no effort to put them down the hydra-headed monster, and still enjoy the smiles of an approving conscience? I answer emphatically, No. I envy not those their happiness, or the good name they will carry with them to the end of their existence, of those who are enjoying themselves at home, when their bleeding country calls them to active service in the battlefield. Sooner let me die a thousand honorable deaths in the service of my country than to live to bear the name of a chicken-hearted coward or a base Tary. (tarry?)
Well Mollie, I have written more than I expected to when I began, and I expect I have said some things that would not be relished by some of my neighbors, if they should see it and I don’t care who sees it, but I know you will approve all I have said. Knowing that and having an approving conscience, I am satisfied. Hoping that this will find you enjoying good health and the comforts of life. I subscribe myself.
Your affectionate,

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  1. I believe by Base Tarry he means one who stays in camp or back in Ohio at military establishments. I could be wrong........