Saturday, December 18, 2010

March to Murfreesboro

Charles Milton Adams joined the 174th Ohio Volunteer Infantry on August 30th 1864. It was one of the last Volunteer Regiments of the war and was made up of veterans with previous service at Camp Chase in Columbus Ohio. He was in one of two companies (B and C) raised in Marysville for the term of one year. They were organized on the 21st of September and left two days later for Nashville, Tennessee.
The 174th reported to the Military Division of the Mississippi under General Sherman and were ordered to proceed to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which was under threat from Nathan Bedford Forrest’s cavalry. Adams remained there until October 27th on garrison duty until they were ordered to Decatur, Alabama. The next day they arrived and found the Federals under attack from Confederate General John B. Hood’s vanguard and assisted in their defense. They stayed in Decatur until November 27th when the town was evacuated and burned, leaving only four buildings standing..
The 174th marched back to Murfreesboro as fast as possible on December 2nd to counter the Confederate threat on Union Blockhouses and the railroad there. On December 4th, the 174th participated vailiantly in the Battle of Overall’s Creek.

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