Friday, December 31, 2010

Mission Statement

I am going to post a series of letters my Great-Great-Grandfather wrote his wife during the Civil War. I will add interactive content and commentary as I go. They will be from first to last. I will give some background information and add to it as I learn more of when and where he traveled.

Charles Milton Adams B. July 10, 1826, D. September 4, 1875
Married Selina Jane Ewing who bore him three Children, Waldo, Edgar, (My G Grandfather) and Ernest. Selina died in 1856. Remarried to Mary Eleanor Oliver and fathered seven more children, Elmer, Selina, Ulysses, Emma, Erastus, Mary, and Adelle.

Enlisted March 7, 1861
Mustered in December 27,1861
Promoted December 1861 to Corporal
Medical Discharge January 16, 1863 as a Private

Enlisted August 30, 1864
Discharged June 28,1865 as a Corporal

The letters are to Mary who he alternately also calls Mollie. I have left the spelling and punctuation as it was written.

The letters are listed on the side click on them to open them. The oldest letters were posted first so they are in reverse order.


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  2. I removed the comment because it contained the author's personal email address. She was helping me with research.

  3. BB- I have told my fifth graders about this site. They are aware of internet etiquette, and I'll be watching to make sure they are respectful if they join. They were excited and impressed by the work that you've done!

  4. Hi.

    I found something more on Charles Adams check out your post at CivilWarTalk...

    I think Charles was an Artillery man first...

  5. Billy Budd,

    Hello, My name is Mark Adams Connolly. My great-great grandmother was Adelle May Adams, who married my great-great grandfather Edward Connolly. My great-great-great Grandfather was Charles Milton Connolly. I use a photo here in my post, it was taken I believe end of the war. I must say that I'm a bit taken back by this post. My Nephew, Dylan Connolly, found this and just sent it to me. Our side of the family as well has numerous letters written by CM. I'm truly excited to find this. I want to read but would love to discuss with you further after I read the entire blog. This is simply remarkable. All the best, Mark

    PS Adelle had three children; Claire, Paul and Merrill. My father was Claires (Pat) son.

  6. Oops, sorry, I typed in Charles Milton Connolly, should have been Adams. My apologies.

  7. My great grandmother Joyce was a Connolly.

  8. My great grandmother Joyce was a Connolly.

  9. Zoey I may have some original Connolly Photographs. If you want them email me @